Thursday, 16 September 2010

Cheetham Hill artist research project - some outcomes

After several months working in Cheetham Hill, this phase of my research project has come to an end. The project sought to explore the North Manchester district through it's bread making cultures. I visited a Sikh Temple to learn how to make Chapatti, the Irish Heritage Centre to make Soda Bread and the home of master baker Jack Maurer to learn the art of Challah. During the project I also installed several jars to collect the airborne yeast spores around Cheetham Hill Road, once the spores had developed a sourdough starter, the French style Levain was used to make the two loaves above. The idea was to make a loaf unique to the area, using spores that would have been around for thousands of years; a settler predating all the human waves of immigration. My hope is to continue the project next year, and create a unique new bread recipe for Cheetham Hill, combining the experiences and knowledge of the diverse community.

The loaves pictured were served to diners at the ExtInked Reunion, hosted by Castlefield Gallery as part of their 'A Horse Walks Into a Bar' exhibition, which featured work by Richard Billingham and Mark Wallinger.

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