Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Jewish Heritage Tour

I went on the Jewish Heritage tour at the weekend, all around the Cheetham Hill area. The tour took in, amongst other things, various Jewish schools, warehouses and Synagogue sites (i'll upload a full set of annotated pictures to Flickr when I get the chance.

In the meantime, here are a few whimsical shots - one of our hosts Merton Paul standing in the gathering Sunday gloom outside an original Jewish entrepreneur's (Nathan Hope) Victorian warehouse/cap factory. And then right next to it, some fly-tipped chapatti flour bags full of rubble.

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Levi Bookin said...

Nathan Hope was my one of my maternal great-great-grandfathers. He arrived in England in about 1830 from Prussia, and at some stage set up in business as a cap-manufacturer at various successive addresses around Strangeways, until he settled for the impressive factory you saw. He had gone to live in Salford and eventually Prestwich. I was introduced to a very old ex-employee who told me that the boss would keep the girls at theeir work by saying "Girls, zis is a workhouse, not a playhouse," without understanding the double entendre of either word. I would be happy to hear from anybody who wants further information.