Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Jewish Heritage Tour

I went on the Jewish Heritage tour at the weekend, all around the Cheetham Hill area. The tour took in, amongst other things, various Jewish schools, warehouses and Synagogue sites (i'll upload a full set of annotated pictures to Flickr when I get the chance.

In the meantime, here are a few whimsical shots - one of our hosts Merton Paul standing in the gathering Sunday gloom outside an original Jewish entrepreneur's (Nathan Hope) Victorian warehouse/cap factory. And then right next to it, some fly-tipped chapatti flour bags full of rubble.

Crumpsall Allotment Visit

As part of the work in Cheetham Hill, we had a great visit to the allotments on Hazelbottom Road in Crumpsall. The Allotments have been on this site since the 70's and we were shown around by Emilio Degisi from the Society.

Here is a few pictures including his plot on the 12th March and some compost (which I'm a bit into because that's one of the primary activities in Cheetham Hill - not rotting, but constantly recuperating resources).

Also here's some beans he gave us, which I've planted and plan to take to the UHC Wythenshawe Food Factory plot.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cheetham Hill Commission

I'm very excited to have been commissioned to work in Cheetham Hill, Manchester on a new artist-led research project this spring.

Funded in part by the City Council and initiated by Kerenza McClarnan's new public art commissioning organisation 'Buddleia', I'll be working in and around the neighbourhood and focussing on the social power of bread!

As a bit of a toe-dipping exercise I made this loaf from my mum's recipe book- it's a 'Pain de Mie' and has a semolina crust. Nom nom (as the kids say).

You can read more here, or watch this space for more exciting bread pictures.