Sunday, 11 May 2008

Climate Change Books

Two recent new pieces using a couple of copies of the Climate Change white paper. One is a commission for new interpretations of Carl Sagan's Golden Record, as launched into space in 1977 with the Voyager missions. There were originally 116 images describing life on earth encoded into the gold phonograph record, this one is 'Anatomy 6'. All the pieces in the series are being commissioned by Collective Gallery in Edinburgh.

Other participants include emerging and established artists including Layla Curtis, Dan Perjovschi, Donald Urquhart, Paul McDevitt, Adam Dant, Bob & Roberta Smith, Rachel Goodyear, Doug Skinner, David A Hardy, David Godbold, Jen Liu, Ted Mineo and Ruth Claxton - comedians participating in other sections include Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Simon Munnery, John Hegley, Will Hodgson, Pappy's Fun Club, Tim Key, Alex Horne and Robin Ince.

Untitled book. May 2008

Anatomy 6. May 2008

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