Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Manchester Uncity

This design is for an imaginary badge, commemorating the consolidation of Manchester United and Manchester City Football Clubs into one entity. It takes elements of both shields and creates a bastardized version. The piece explores the homogenization of culture, how those divorced from place and cultural context are easily able to destroy things that are dear to others. It is also about the city itself, how space in the city is supposed to contain conflict of interest and activity, that there are always going to be rivals and tribal divides. Those who seek to clean, homogenize and sterilize the city - in efforts to create safe zones for mass consumption - threaten to erase our sense of place, history and belonging.

The Manchester Uncity badge has been printed on a series of limited edition china plates, for Ultimate Holding Company's Christmas Art Sale. If you don't like them, buy them and smash them!

Commemorative Ceramics

More commemorative ceramics celebrating commonplace Manchester street scenes, this one depicts lads hanging around bins. I am currently producing a limited run of this mug, to be sold at this years' Christmas art sale on 13th December (details on the Ultimate Holding Co website).